So, to get to the point real quick. What do you think of me posting my photo a day photos in the blog here?
I have gone back and done the last few to give you a feel for how it might look.
I have also changed the web address of my photo album, it is now here;
https://thebaldgeek.net/photos.htm I have also added a menu item to point to that page, its under the ‘home’ button (top left).

So, yes, I am posting in two places, the photos are still going into the web album, and also on the blog. It really does not take me very long to do the blog, so its not like a lot of extra time or effort. It all comes down to you gentle reader…. Do you really want to see photos mixed up in the blog, or are you happy to look at a different web page?
I guess my reasoning for doing this is two fold, firstly, most of you have asked me to blog more often, so hey, here’s one blog a day! The 365 Project is not just about photos, its also a visual diary for the year, so its sort of blog related. The comments that go with each photo also add a little flavor as well (I hope).
Secondly, selfishly, I want more people to see my photos!

For those of you that have been under a rock, two things happened to bring this about. Firstly, when we moved from Australia to USA about two years ago I decided that I wanted to get back into photography more. So when I sold my old Goldwing to Gary I bought a camera. I used it for a while, but got swamped when things got busy here. Often I would go a month or more with out touching my camera, let alone posting any photos from it.
I was looking for ways to get back on the horse when I came across some stuff on the net about taking one photo per day for a year. Slowly the light came on that this is exactly what I needed.
So, practicing my sales skills I roped my sister and good photography friend Zim into the same project, and thus we launched into the year.
So far, I have to say its been a raving success. I am taking really different photos to what I normally would and I am refining my ‘natural-light-low-light-star-light’ favorite method.
Some of the photos I am not exactly proud of, they are just photos…you get what you get when its late and I have not taken anything, but same have been amazing, most have been fun to take.
Mission accomplished for me, but what do you think?