Had a pretty rugged few weeks here…. To help cheer me up, the family bought me two hamsters.
Unfortunately, the very night they gave them to me (last night), I had to dash out again, so I only got a brief moment to say ‘Guday’ and take some really bad photos;




I hope to get some more time tonight to watch them and get to know them better.
Freddy and Amy did a little reading and it seems that you need to handle them every day for about two weeks before they get used to you.
We will be doing this for sure because they are really hard to catch and handle at the moment.
They don’t bite (as yet), they just are really fast and can climb out of your hands in a flash, I hope we can settle them down a little and then they can become more pet like.

To answer your question, yes, we have firm plans for a hamster-cam. I want to get Freddy’s humming bird camera back up and running Sunday and then look at it. Part of the ‘fun’ will be where we are going to put them. They have a pretty elaborate cage, so we need to find a nice place for them. Where that ends up will determine how hard it is to run power and video to it.
Looking at it today, we really need about 4 cameras in the cage to increase the chances of seeing them… not sure I have that many cameras……

So, in parting, I need two names….. Zim suggested R2 and D2. That’s the winning combo at the moment, I thought Zig and Zag, Terry wanted Jack and Tyler (if you don’t know, don’t ask). I don’t think Amy has come up with anything yet, nor Freddy…… So, blog readers, lets hear it, what should we call the little critters????