Computer bugs…. I think as long as people are doing the coding, there will be bugs in software.
One of the programmers at work shared this cartoon with me the other day….. The same programmer that is holding fast with his 365 on my web album… which kind of narrows it down to Doug.
Anyway, it was such a classic that I wanted to share it with you all;

Click on it to make it big enough to read, its only a small file, so will not take long to open.

Anyway, it kind of tickled my funny bone as we have been messing about with control of devices over the internet of late. The way we do the control is via a data base, so the whole thing just fits in perfect with my current fumbling about in the world of computer code. (Makes me wish I could write real code…. no, wait, I take that back, I have never enjoyed writing code, mostly because I am so bad at it and because I am not wired like that and so it takes a huge effort for me to do it….. never mind, I am rambling).

Hope to get a blog up soon about our weekend jaunt up to the Palm Springs Tramway.