Fathers Day

Had a pretty good fathers day.
By far the highlight was taking the Nate Harrison Grade road down from the summit of Palomar (where Freddy and I were giving tours of the 2oo inch Hale Telescope as we always do on the third Sunday of each month).
I have been wanting to take the road because its such an important part of the history of Palomar Mountain. A lot of the dome and 18 inch telescope parts were taken up that road.
The road is a little rough at the top, but the bulk of it is really good.
The views, wild flowers and twisty nature of the road is just a joy to be there.
I think Freddy enjoyed it just as much, if not more than I did.

Nate Harrison Grade
Nate Harrison Grade

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Came home to a nice bottle of red wine and Freddys cooking.