Book of Eli

Did not know a lot about this one going into it, just that it had Denzel Washington as the lead. Since hes one of our fave’s he gets into the movie queue automatically.
Turns out, it was a pretty good flick. One that we have mentioned around the house more than once since we sent the disk back. (Any movie we talk about more than a day latter is always a good sign of a good flick).
Set in a post ‘flash’ world, it takes a slow start which reveals little for a long time, left to guess whats going on with very little dialog. (Note, Matt B will LOVE the opening sequence).
Before long we get to the usual action sections and it really rolls from there.
Of course we have a female thrown in around the middle…. Thankfully not too forced, but sometimes unnecessary just the same.
Not going to let too much out of the bag, but it is a move about a book and the man who carries it.
Some blood, no sex, some swearing, pretty standard fair, shot rather nicely.
Out on BluRay for sure. If you see it, let me know.

(I should come up with a rating system…. 0 to 5 stars… is that too course? Hmmm)