Have talked about them in the past (and yes, for those of you paying attention, when my Kickstarter health band arrives, it will not replace or replicate the functions of my smartwatch, so yes, I will be rocking two ‘watches’, one on each wrist – no, that does not make me a double dork).

Its got to the point (in the (very) small circles I hang out in) where you can slap just about anything to your wrist and no one really bats an eyelid.

Even something like this;

(Note, in case you’re wondering, I still don’t like embedding the articles or photos I refer to in my blog as I don’t own them and are nervous about the owners getting upset about me ‘using’ their content, so prefer to link you to it, I know its another step for you, but thats a reminder of why I do it!).

Soon as I saw this beautiful watch, my mind jumped to just one thing.


Both Amy and I always wanted to do a Steampunk themed photo shoot. I think Amy would do a great job and it would be a lot of fun for both of us.
The trouble is that I would want to make the whole outfit, and thats a lot of work for one photo shoot.
Also to make the costume for just one body type / size just does not make good sense use of our time, so there was that…..
I mean where else would you wear an outfit like that in Temecula?
Always wanted to wear one to a rave, but pretty sure it would not go down well there (or it would be a major hit and I would spend the entire event getting asked to have my photo taken with people).
In the major cities I think there are people who rent out their getups, but in Temecula, not so much.

Anyway, Steampunk, its a thing, I love it and think this wearable would fit right in.
Bookmarked that link shall I… you just never know…..