Save your money

Just back from the movies, we saw ‘Captain America’.
It was really bad. Really disappointed. Hard earned money down the drain.
How in the world it got 78% on the Tomato Meter beats me…. Just goes to show how, once again, the tomato meter and me have no association at all.

Anyway, Freddy, Terry and I (Amy was out with friends) all (for the most part) agree. Very below average (Freddy said it was average).

I mean really? 1940’s tech with disintegration rays? No. Not so much.

[Next day edit] Note, we sat for the whole credits to roll to see the usual ‘Marvel’ tease trailer….. It was there… Next year, ‘The Avengers’ which is simply a Marvel team up, will be the summer block buster. What it did show however, is that we need to rent ‘Thor’, so that we have that back story between now and next year. We have seen all the others, so are in good stead for them to make sense. (The marketing failed for Thor, did not know it was a Marvel, or that it was a movie/comic like the others).
Not sure if there are any more super hero flix’s to come out between now and then, but if so, they cant be much worse than Captain America. And, yes, we will think twice before we go and see The Avengers next year…. (And will totally ignore the broken tomato meter).