Hi, Ben here…….

Its been a busy few weeks here at work.
Google have shut down their Google Power Meter product, so that meant we had to pull it out of our energy meter. It also meant that we had to take it out of any marketing material that we had produced. For me personally, that meant one of the videos we have shot…..
At first we tried to just redo the audio part that mentions it, but it was really hard to get the quality and pace of my section the same as the rest of the video, so we ended up just re-shooting the whole thing….. This time around, we used my Canon 5D Mk2 camera. Uh, lets just say we are in love with the sharpness of it and the lens…..
I’m not going to make you suffer through that one…. I have another that we shot a few days latter…..

The programmers have been busy coding up this little gem… our first ios (apple) app! Yes, there is an app for that!
Its been really popular and so it was only natural that we did a video of it. David and I have been given some new tools, both hardware and software to work with, and so this video went together in very little time. The quickest I have ever done a video thus far. About a day.
We used the 5Dmkii to record it, a new digital recorder to grab the audio from a boom mike, then CS5.5 to edit (on the ‘new’ PC, which with 16gb of ram, just chews it up with room to spare!). It was great to be able to ‘just do it’ with out a single glitch or hitch in the tool chain anywhere.
All in all we have recorded 4 videos and edited 3.5 of them.
Not sure I would go right to fun, its still a lot of work getting each to sound and look just right, but just the same, its pretty cool and it sure is a far stretch from sitting in a basement listening to Trance programming air-conditioning……