22 years.

Tonight was our 22nd wedding anniversary, our 4th while in America.
This year, as we did on our 2nd anniversary here, we drove out to Indian Springs to watch the sun go down and count satellites (15.5).
It was a really beautiful night, some wine, cheese and soup, a great light show and a great conversation.

Here is a little time laps I took of the evening to give you all a tiny little taste of what it was like out there….
(I have uploaded it to the blog in the lowest res for my Dad, if you have some bandwidth, feel free to hit the HD version (just click on the ‘360p’ button and then select your resolution from there).

We both agree that moving here has changed each of us and thus changed our marriage.
It will be interesting to see how/where the next year finds us.
(And where we end up observing it).