Going dark.

Just about every fiber optic cable that is run any distance is made up of more than one fiber.
About the diameter of a human hair, its easy to fit a whole bunch of them inside the one protective cable.
At each end of the cable, you then split each cable out and put the required electronics so that you can send your information via light pulses….
That electronics costs money, so its pretty common that you dont ‘light up’ every strand of fiber.
Those that are not lit, are called ‘dark fiber’…. They are just sitting there, ready to go when and as they are needed.

Im a bit like one of those bits of electronics. This web site is like a fiber optic cable.
I send information out to you all via this blog.
Yeah, its hit and miss, but I dont think I have gone much longer than about a few weeks before I light up and spit out something, useless or otherwise…..

The project that I have been working on here in Sydney is gathering pace and they have asked me to be involved in the next phase of its life.
That phase will require me to go dark for about 6-8 weeks.
Frustratingly for some of you, I still, even after all this + that time, cant tell you about the project. I have to wait for the NDA to be lifted middle to late this year.
You will just have to wait. I will come up for air at the end of this next phase and let you all know that I am ok (I hope) and blogging will just carry on as if nothing had happen.
From that point, you will just have to keep checking back now and then waiting for the gag order to be lifted. At that stage, I will have to find out just how much I can tell you about this project. Im sure I will be able to give you a lot of information, its just a question of if I can share any of the photos I have been taking (I doubt it, but I will see).

So, enough to say, nothing has changed for me up to this point. Busy working long hours, 6 days a week.
In a few days I check out of my little room and my internet connection gets really hit and miss (hence the going dark).
Mentally and physically, the next few weeks are going to be really challenging for me, its a coin toss as to whether I am more excited or concerned. Time will tell. (As it has a way of doing).

Blog at yas in a month or more.