Pi Weather

Here is a somewhat intriguing use for a Raspberry Pi computer.


The AirPi is a shield for the Raspberry Pi which can automatically provide information to the Raspberry Pi about temperature, humidity, air pressure, nitrogen dioxide levels, carbon monoxide levels, the current light levels and noise levels. Our open-source code then takes this information and automatically uploads it to a online database.

The main problem is that it costs about twice as much as the computer it’s mounted on, but putting that aside, I think its a great use for a single board computer. Interfacing many sensors to a cloud computer (ie, database via the Internet) is a pretty neat use. It can just sit there and do it hour after hour, day after day.
Perfect for a single board computer. Low power, low maintenance, low processing needs.

Am I going to buy one?
None of the sensors it has would be all that useful to me in my house.