Checking out.

Pretty brutal and honestest article.
Continuing geek mental health week…. And yes, I get that everyone and anyone can suffer from depression. Being a geek does not mean you are any different from every other human, we all think different in the solitude of our minds.
I just don’t think its a bad thing to have a bit of focus on our professions.

Anyway, I read each of these pretty carefully. They remind me and encourage me. Im glad I am in a totally different space now than then. Thanks to a change in diet, exercise, some tweaks to the office space and a pretty insane experience, I have moved to a different phase of life and mental health.
I’m glad I can go home now and then and be reminded that I have a really solid core of mates that would walk to the end of earth with me / for me.

I really can’t imagine the courage it took from this guy to write this.