I had not heard of a ‘strapline’ before this.

Huh? What’s a Strapline?
Oh, that’s easy. A strapline (or tagline) is the single line of text that you often see directly underneath a website’s logo.

You ask your trusted friend (search engine) where to find something you want.
You click a link, and you’re immediately dropped in a website… probably one you’ve never visited before.
And you need to decide if you’re likely to find what you want there, or whether you should click your heels together three times and go back to Kansas.
And what clues do website visitors look for to answer that question? They’ll look at any imagery and headlines, and they’ll look at the SIGNAGE.

A strapline is the bit of text under the main banner of a web site.
You need a solid descriptor that people can quickly read when they land on your website that describes what they are going to find on your site.

Why did I find this interesting?
Because in my mind, it sort of meshed with what I have been saying about IoT data. You need to put it in context.
A website is big data. Lots of different pages, photos etc, but what does it all relate to? How is it all connected?
The strapline should tell you. It should quickly put the whole site into context for the consumer of that data.

The thing about any global signage is that it’s there on every page. So, if your strapline’s job is to tell the visitor the site’s purpose, it should summarise that in a way that meets two criteria…

First, it should be true for every page.
And it should be neat and concise.

I’m off to update mine, but will leave you with this thought….

What’s the strapline of your life?