Mesh Wifi

Got coverage issues with Wifi?
Need more range?

These guys might have a solution for you;

Just about everyone’s got their own wireless LAN in their home, but coverage can still be a problem—and wireless extenders aren’t always a solution, since you can typically only use one extender per WLAN. San Francisco startup Eero thinks they have the answer: a mesh of wireless access points that can have as many or as few nodes as needed to cover your whole home.

Looks good and the price is not too super scary.
They are smallish white boxes and three of them will set you back around 300 US bucks.
The one thing this article does not mention is if your throughput will take a hit like most extenders do.

Still, if (like us) you really need wifi out the back deck, these are tempting (but before I pull the trigger, I am going to continue to wait for some new firmware for my Kickstarter router in the hope that it has more range than my current setup).