IoT Pi

Ok, now here is a use of a Raspberry Pi I can get behind.
This is what I am talking about.

A computer that just sits and does it’s job of reporting data to the cloud and then letting AI take it from there….

Playing with Raspberry Pi is a lot of fun, but what happens when you want to get some real work done? While it’s not difficult to make a RaspPi board do cool stuff, getting it to communicate with the wider world is a bit of a challenge. That’s why Ryo Koyama, Mike Johnson, and Doug Olekin made Weaved.

While the goal is a bit broad – “Weaved is looking to enable Internet of Things for everyone, and sees a vision where IoT capabilities are a feature onto all electronic devices,” said Koyama – the idea is fairly simple. By giving a RaspPi Internet of Things capabilities, you can expand the scope of the hardware immensely.

Essentially, using the service and a Wi-Fi connection, the RaspPi board becomes a secure node in your private IoT network. This means you can login to your Pis and get notifications from various inputs on the board.

So, what they are talking about is having a computer in the cloud that is a ‘socket’ for the data coming from your small computer.
It’s out in the real world, it’s small, cheap, low power and can run unattended. It just logs the data from its inputs to the big database in the sky.
You log into the big sky computer – which is much faster and more powerful than your little computer – and get the data of the process that you have your little computer hooked up to.


I might sign up for this one just to check it out.
(Once again, it’s a solution for a problem I – personally – don’t have).