Remote Internet

I want to live out in the sticks.
Either here or there, almost matters not.
But at the end of the day, I want the remote solar powered (or wind, or steam, or something along those lines) cabin in the woods. Freddy and I were talking about it over the weekend. It’s a common topic around our place.

The one thing (one, hah, yeah right) that stops me is Internet.
I loves me some Internet.

These guys are living on a island.

Their internet sucked.

CenturyLink promised better speeds over the years “but that never came to fruition,” Sutton said. “Just waiting around for corporate America to come save us, we realized no one is going to come out here and make the kind of investment that’s needed for 200 people max.”

So, if they are not going to fix it. Do it yourself.

Long technical technicalish article follows…. I expect only Dan and Gary to read it.
And that’s Ok, I had those two guys in mind when I read it…. It is exactly the sort of thing the three of us would get up to if we all lived in the same town.
Drones, wifi and microwave. It’s a great read if you are into networking.