One Pedal Mode

One of the things I really (really) love about BB is one pedal mode.

In short, it means that the regen (charging the battery by using the motor as a generator when slowing down) is so strong it will bring the car to a stop after a nice smooth ramp down in speed.
There are two ways this works.
In ‘D’ (on the gear stick) the regen is very soft and easy going, you put your foot on the brake and regen is applied, at some point of pushing the brake, it will actually engage the 4 disks and bring you to a pretty solid stop…. But, if you just brake gently, it is not actually using friction, its using the regen. You can tell because it feels different between the two stopping ‘forces’.

The second way you can use regen is to leave the gear stick in D and use the ‘regen on demand’ paddle behind the steering wheel.
This is like a gear shift flappy paddle if you have ever used them. It is easy to reach and hit with your fingers and just applies regen like usual. There is no modulating, on is on and is just a set amount and its pretty strong.

The third way (I can’t count) is the one I love and use the most…..
Put the gear stick in L. Its not low, remember, there is no gear box, it’s just the label they use….
What happens now is really cool. As you push on the accelerator, you go faster, but as you let up, you adjust the amount of regen, so pull it back fast and you brake fast, gently let up and you slow to a gentel stop.
In effect, you modulate your speed from the one pedal.
It feels amazing from a driving perspective and does take some getting used to, but if you love driving, you will soon get the hang of it and never look back.
As I said, it’s the main mode I drive the car in now. I am still getting smooth with it, but want to put the effort in to learn as it just seems so much more efficient and smooth (when I get it right – I am getting there, just need to get my consistency dialed in).
It’s a great feeling to pull up at a stop light/sign and stop on the mark without using any brake at all.

To answer your question, yes, the rear brake light comes on in any and all modes as you would expect. When your slowing down, its off, when you are stopping its on. Smart software guys are smart.