Warm up

I have always tried to be nice to my car engines. Mostly by warming them up each and every time before relaxing how I drive (ie, keep the rpm down till they are warm).
The thing is, with a 6 mile (9.5km) commute, there is not a lot of relaxing that you can do.

BB changes that with a motor rather than an engine. Now, I have 4 wheel bearings and I suppose two bearings in the electric motor (one each side?).
It is direct drive, so there is no gearbox……

I didn’t really expect this aspect of my daily commute. It’s nice and welcome, I don’t drive any different really, but have noticed that the car drives exactly the same from the moment I pull out of the garage to the moment I pull into work, the performance is exactly consistent.

The one thing that does need warming up (or cooling down) is me!
There is an electric heater for the cab, my computer data from my Android has shown at times some 2500 watts of heat being used to warm me.
I have a steering wheel and seat heater, so these cool mornings I might try those.
The real question I have (just out of interest) is what pulls the most power, the ac or the heat? (And does it really make that much difference to the range?)