Strava – 2018

It’s a bit lame, I was hoping for something flashy and data heavy, but eh, you get what you are given….
Here is my year in review according to Strava (one of three websites that I use to track my running).

At the start of this year I set myself the goal of running 1000 miles, and fell short (see my post on mental health), but don’t feel too bad about it…. given what I was up against this year, it’s been challenging enough…. Anyway, the highlight was running the Grand Canyon, it was my longest run and the run with the most altitude gained.
My other running data website confirms that my average distance run is 4 miles… so I have no idea where Strava got the 1.8 from… Unless it’s miles per day for the whole year…. in which case, 1.8 miles a day for 365 days sounds about right.

What about next year? I will set the same goal. It is realistic, but challenging. 1000 miles in 2019. Lets get on it.