26.2 take four

All inspired by my failure to hit my 1000 miles for the year, plus digging into my mental health data shows I am happiest when I am fit and running, I am going to have yet another go at getting a marathon off my bucket list.

Begin the training does.

Terry ran the numbers for me last night. To ramp the miles up each Sunday till 20 in 2 months I am going to add 2 miles to each run. Last week I did 8, so in a few days time, Sunday morning, I will knock out a 10 miler.

Without a goal I feel sort of lost so we have set the goal of doing the marathon in March. Hopefully going back to run the Grand Canyon in April and then if my mate Lloyd gets the camping permit for May, we have 3 days hiking in the Canyon at that time (North Rim!!!!!).

So, three realistic goals. If you first don’t succeed, try try try try again.