Texas Rocks!

Its been a busy few days.

Saturday we drove down to Tyrell for church, its a nice little rental hall with a great bunch of people, Terry made some new friends pretty easy which was nice to see. (slight repeat with more info than the last post.)

Saturday night we drove the 1.5 hours back to Dallas and had dinner with some friends from church.

Sunday we drove down to Seguin ready for church on Monday, we stayed with some members in their nice little home out of town a bit. It was overcast so I still have not seen any stars! Doh!

Monday was a full day of church. Its a good sized church when its all combined. Amy made some good friends pretty quick.

Monday night we drove into San Antonio to look at the Alamo, we got there just as it shut. Then we walked down the river walk, it was pretty amazing. Its just a net work of footpaths along the river with waterfalls and restaurants all along and built in. It looks like a maintenance nightmare! (But VERY pretty). We had dinner there at the ‘Lone Star’. It was just Ok.

At about 8pm we went to the IMAX movie theater to watch a movie about the Alamo, it was pretty lame and did not really describe the events leading up to it, but it saved us going back in the morning.

Monday night we did not get much sleep, the cheep motel was on a main road and the traffic was really annoying!

Tuesday we went to http://www.Wingthings-texas.com shop front. They were supposed to open by 9am, but we left with no sign of them at 9:30am, to say I am really ticked off and really disappointed is an understatement.

From there we drove the 4.5ish hours to Huston. We went straight to the space center and jumped on the first tram tour. At first we thought it was going to be like the Universal Studios tour we took 4 years ago….’ in the building on the left they do really cool and interesting things, on the build to your right they do blah blah…’ But then they made a stop and showed us to the mock up building contents. Really cool, we got to see some guy get in a space suit. Then the really interesting bit, they stopped and showed us the Saturn 5 rocket. Its amazing. I just could not believe the size of it!

The rest of the space center is pretty lame, the kids liked the play room, lots of tubes and nets and stuff. The gift shop was nice but too busy and rushed. I bought a pen and some patches. We totally missed the Mercury capsule display which I am really ticked about, but Terry and I saw the Shuttle mock up which was pretty interesting).

After that it was dinner time, out to the Texas Roadhouse. Very noisy, and huge serving sizes (Again! Still!).

From there it was to the next motel. 10 bucks a night for the Internet, so this post is a little late….I did not think that any of you was worth the 10 bucks……perhaps all 3 of you combined?????….. nahhhhh.

Ok, thats about it.

Chow for now.


P.S Freddy is coming down with a ripper cold. She is shivering and I am in a T-Shirt, hope its not too bad (and really hope I don’t get it!)

P.P.S Slight change of plans. Instead of going to Steves tomorrow afternoon, we are going back to J & B’s. Easier for me to get to Temecula on Friday morning.

P.P.P.S I got Brian’s remote control working for his home theater, this earnt me a single malt scotch, so I am going to sleep well tonight!

P.P.P.P.S MattW, we got you some shoes!!!! I think you will like them, I bought a pair exactly the same, they are that good, so SueW, you owe us a few bucks, but I think you will be happy about the results.
MattB, great to chat with you on Skype the other night, nice that the audio and video on the laptop works, we are still talking (and laughing) about the cat story!.
JasonC sorry for the lack of emails, see you in a few hours, talk is better than email any day?!
BrittanyC Freddy misses you big time!
DanH thanks again for fixing the HP card, I have been enjoying the weather heaps!
GaryC You are a pain in the @#$ to buy a souvenir for, what in the world can you get the gadget guy that has everything? Even America has it limits! (Currently looking for RV books, but lucking out on that front as well!!!!)
NickS Hope everything is going well for you back in the ‘hole’. Give the stereo a flogging for me, but don’t blow the tweeters!