Roller Coasters

Here’s a tip……
If you are 40+ years old, don’t go paintballing, do a full day at Disneyland, then Legoland and expect to bounce out of bed on the 4th day……. Yikes! The old legs are a little stiff and sore! (In case you were wondering, the back is fine)
The paintball marks are fading, its not them that are sore (well, each welt is a little sore, the kids have been having fun ‘pressing my buttons’), its just a general overall tired and sore. Its a nice feeling in some ways, in others it would be great to have a solid 8 hours sleep!

So, in a vague way that brings you up to date with our activities.
Disney was great, the kids are 4 years older than when we were there last and so were able to go on, and really enjoy all the ‘adult’ rides. Turns out we are all becoming roller coaster junkies. We really want to go to 6 Flags / Magic Mountain to have some real fun, but we just do not have time, so we are telling the kids that it will be a next trip treat.
Legoland was a little disappointing for Terry, he was sssooo looking forward to it. Its a nice park, and it was not busy, so we got to do every thing, most rides had no lines at all. Its just that its really for say, 4 to 8 year olds. Terry (and the rest of us) is a little to big for most of what was there. We wanted to do the Mindstorm thing, but its a 45 minute class, they take it really slow, we will just have to check it out on the web and see if its what we want to do. I think Terry is ready to take his Lego to the next level, and it seems to be the logical way to go.

Anyway, we are having our first ‘down’ day of the trip today, the kids are watching a movie (or three), Freddys in bed (still not good at all), and I am getting a bunch of outstanding work done (emails and the like).
We have to drop Amy off at a friends house for her last overnight stay at 4pm, so we need to leave here at 3.
Then we have a dinner engagement.

Tomorrow I think we are going a bit quite too. More work I suspect, then off to a friends house for afternoon tea, then pick Amy up, then to another friends house for dinner. I think since just Terry will be with us, we might try and fit in a game or three of laser tag with him, and I still want to try and track down a Leatherman for him.

Friday we pack and leave in the evening.

This may well be my last blog….duno, we will see if anything blogworthy happens.

Chow for now.