Day of rest.

It was good to stop today.
Saturday here, so I was able to sleep in a little, catch up with the family on Skype, and just, well, stop.

The project goes ahead, the rest of the team is working, and I will be back with them on Sunday, but I am glad that my company supports me having one day off a week in times like this.
They told them that I don’t work Saturdays on the phone hookup we had when all this was going together, so they knew that I was not going to work Saturdays. It was a big load off my mind having it come from HQ right off the bat.

In an hour or so (once the sun goes down) I am going to do my first load of washing. I hope the machines work Ok.
Then I have to try my hand at ironing. Its been a while. Hope I remember.
Freddy looks after me too good! (Wait.. what….??)