The Martian.

If I was back in Australia, all my blog readers, all 3 of ya’s, would be heading off to the movies to see this together. Yes. It’s that good.
Terry and I caught it over the weekend. I gave it 5/5, Terry gave it 10/10.

Best geek movie ever….. Just remember, I said geek movie, not movie. In that regard Tron Legacy still reigns supreme and untouchable in that regard.

I am really against 3D. Just don’t like it (Sorry Jim and Avatar – your included in that), it is never natural and always forced…. In this case no. Not only best geek movie, but best 3D I have ever seen. It just disappears. You don’t even realize that you are watching a 3D movie. I’m glad that Terry talked me into seeing it in 3D, but honestly, I don’t think it matters that much. I’m just saying, it worked in 3D.

Not going to spoil it for you, I just wish I had the time to read the book, so here is the trailer for you to check out.

Go see it. It’s good.