AFS video shoot

A month or three (or it might be longer, duno, kinda lost track of time here) we (the 3 man video team) headed to Phoenix to make another case study.
AFS, Arizona Facility Services are a great company that have been long time huge Opto fans. While they cover a lot of ground, their specialty is data centers.
Can’t say too much about who exactly, but it revolves around credit cards….. Enough to say that it matters they have some pretty solid uptime.
They use our gear in the whole center, power, energy, generators, security, hvac the whole joint runs or is monitored by Opto.
We had a great few days with the guys, they are really gracious hosts and it was very cool to see the inner workings of the data center (had some flashbacks to the hospital days with some of the gear).

Here is the video Paul put together.

(I may or may not have a little ‘wager’ of a bottle of Vodka running with these guys about who has the world’s largest Pac Display project – going to stop by the hospital when we are over that way and take a count of the number of Windows we have there – I’m actually a little ‘worried’, its going to be very close!).