Ubiquiti VPN

If you recall I blogged about setting up a VPN on a Raspberry Pi a few blogs back…..

There is a new product being ‘released’ sort of todayish.


Yes yes, my names thebaldgeek and I am addicted to Kickstarter… Ok, happy now? I said it. Again. Out loud… Moving on.

AmpliFi Teleport provides a secure and convenient way to access resources at home, even when you are not. Utilizing any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired Ethernet connection, Teleport is able to create an encrypted connection to your home network, expanding it wherever you go.

So in other words, exactly what you would expect from a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
You tunnel your traffic, from wherever you may be, to your home network and in effect use your home Internet to surf the web or access devices on your network.
(The big plus is of course is that your traffic is encrypted from your device, so it makes it a lot harder to sniff your traffic while are using free wifi at the coffee shop/ macca’s).

The downside?
Two things, firstly this; (From betanews)

Unfortunately, the campaign only includes bundled kits, meaning the AmpliFi Router and Teleport are sold together in a single package. If you already own the router, you cannot buy the Teleport separately — at least not during the Kickstarter campaign. This is disappointing, as existing owners are forced to either buy an additional router they do not need or wait until Teleport is sold individually down the road.

With all of that said, since the Teleport only works with the AmpliFi Router, this will prevent unknowing consumers from backing it and then becoming upset when it doesn’t work with a different router model. So yeah, I can understand why this is being done.

I can sort of see why, but its not going to work for me, since I already have a lot of money, time and tech invested in my router, and yes yes, I know, I could put their router behind my router, but I am trying to make my network more simple, not more complex!

The second downside is this;
200 bucks.

Suddenly I don’t feel too bad at re-purposing an old Pi 2 that I had in the bedroom – total original cost (some 4 years ago), 30 bucks…. That and about an hour of my time (50 bucks?, even at 100 bucks, it is still half price?)
Besides, for me, it was as much about the learning as the end product.

But. Options. You have options. And I like Ubiquiti stuff, so theres that.