Data Quality

I have given up on the ankle tracker.
Two reasons. 1 the old Fitbit was flaking out on me and not synching its data and 2 I had trouble getting good consistent heart rate data from my ankle.

So, we have bought a new Fitbit against my better judgement and past history (I have had 4 of them break) with them.
They just kill it on data presentation (their dashboard is super nice) and convenience.
I got the Charge 3. Its small, light, good battery life, great data, solid synch and was cheap enough for me to afford to give them another chance.

In case you are wondering, the Garmin has gone back to the left wrist and the Fitbit has gone on the right in place of the Android Smart Watch.
For the past few days I have not missed the Android.

Ah, the joys of being thebaldgeek.