Auto High Beam

Found another interesting feature on the car……
It has automatic high beam.

Hit the little ‘A’ button on the stalk and it will look for oncoming cars (if it’s dark enough to require headlights – which it automatically turns on if need be), if there is on, it will dip the lights, if there is nothing for a few seconds, then it turns on the high beam.
Soon as a car shows up, and I do mean as soon as, it dips.
My one and only complaint is that I wish it would flip back on as soon as the car goes past, but it takes about 5 seconds to see if there is another car behind it first.
It gets a little confused in towns, so I just turn it off then, but in all other driving that I have done with it so far (about 2 hours) its been fantastic.

It is really surprising just how less ‘stress’ there is when driving at night in the country when you don’t have to be flicking the high beam stalk back and forth all the time.
You can just keep your hands on the wheel and focus on the road…. Keep in mind this is a guy that loves driving and loves driving at night. I would have thought that having less to do would be annoying or somehow taking pleasure away from me, but its not, its just the opposite, I found I was enjoying and more involved in the road without having to keep flipping the stalk. Surprising. In a nice way.